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Join the over 100,000 people who have learned this information and created magic in their life every single day. No money down. No risk. Only rewards (because that’s how we roll at Hey U Human)

Inside this FREE LIFE CHANGING EVENT you will learn all the missing pieces about your nervous system (and more importantly, how this information will give you the power to create the most expansive life). 

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If you are ready to feel unstoppable every single day, then you need to join us inside this free course: REGULATE

Everything you know about regulation is wrong.

Bold statement? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Feeling magical in this crazy world isn’t hard to do. But there’s the thing…

You are missing a significant Piece of the puzzle when it comes to feeling unstoppable every single day.

Easy-breezy should be your daily norm… but, sadly this is not the case!

I know you crave growth and evolution.

I know you know that it should be easy… but it’s just not.

I know you know that your past informs your future but what do we do with this information? How do we shift our relationship with the past to create an amazing ripple effect in the future? And more importantly, how can we use that to quantum leap every aspect of your life without struggle, sacrifice or frustration?

Well…. that’s exactly what REGULATE is here to teach you!

If you are ready to experience supercharged evolution… you need to REGULATE before you will be catapulted into your next level of life.

Ready to learn how?


What Am I Missing?

Do you ever feel like “this is not my life”… like something is missing that you can’t quite put your finger on? You know you are magic. You know that life is supposed to be good. Maybe you even find yourself asking:

  • …When will I feel at peace and in flourishing in my own life?
  • …When will I stop worrying about the mental and emotional weight I am carrying around?
  • …When will I finally feel healed and ready to expand?
  • …When will I finally feel like I’ve made it and like I’m ‘in control’?

Stop watching your life pass you by and finally learn how to feel good fantastic EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

NOW is your time….

  • …To feel magical every day
  • …To feel emotionally, physically and mentally free
  • …To feel in control, unshakable and like you have hacked life
  • …To become the superhuman version of yourself
  • … To feel like you are on top of the world without any sacrifice or burn out

What you learn today will be an investment in your future self’s quality of life.

We have shown close to 100,000 people the key to creating the life they want, and it starts with being regulated (but not in the way you think).

It’s time for life to get so good that you feel unstoppable…


It’s time for you to do more, be more, create more and GIVE MORE.

You are missing some key pieces of information in understanding your body, your nervous system, and humanity around you.

HERE’S A TEASER: you need to prepare your body, your nervous system, and your DNA to fully expand to your next level.

Without this, trying to uplevel your life will feel like a constant uphill battle (which I know you already are experiencing).

Inside Regulate you will discover exactly how to hack your body to expand easier and faster than ever before! This isn’t ‘woo-woo’. This is the science of our internal operating system that has the power to control how your success every single day.

And it’s about time you knew more about it!

Your body needs to feel REGULATED.

The thing is, most people’s understanding of life, our bodies, and how we operate is completely outdated. That’s why everything seems like a struggle when it doesn’t have to be.

You haven’t been taught the things we need to know so that life gets better and better every day.

I mean, think about it…

When you do more math, you get better at it.

When you ride a bike more, you get better at it.

Yet… when you live life, it seems to get harder the older you get. Why is that?

SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t meant to be this way. We just didn’t learn the fundamentals of life and being human.

It’s time update your understanding of your body so you can live an emotionally free and connected life with easy.

Most of us as humans are using outdated understandings of how our body, brain, and nervous system work. Honestly, it’s not working anymore. It hasn’t been for a while.

We are tired, we are searching, we know there is an easier and different way.

You want to feel better, we all do. Feel better about the world, ourselves, our money, our health, our relationships.

You are ready for your dreams to come true, for life to work for YOU!

This isn’t just another “free training.”

This is going to teach your body to feel safe moving to the next level of your life so you can experience your next level with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you have a FANTASTIC LIFE but want more goodness, or you’re looking to wake up and shake up the status quo. Regulate will show you how to bio-hack your nervous system so you feel like you are firing on all cylinders of life!

Are you ready to feel like a super-human!?


HI! I’m Sara…

and I am on a mission to change the world one human at a time.

After over a decade of working with humans all around the world, I ha am teaching you everything I know about how to create the most incredible life (and I am teaching it to you FOR FREE).


Well, because I believe that knowledge like this shouldn’t only be for the privileged few. I want every single person on this earth to find their inner power and feel good every day of their life (imagine what life would be like if everyone was emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically free!). I have watched literally thousands of people flounder to find peace in their day-to-day life simply because they don’t know how their body works (and how their body is linked to their genetics and ancestry). It’s time for the world to know this!

Are You Ready?

I know you have been dying to feel like you have got your sh*t together in life. To truly be one of those people who is unstoppable.

But you also feel like something is holding you back…  or stands in your way. An invisible force that shows up and stands in your way from happiness and success.

You’re not wrong!

And this event will give you all the information you need to transform EVERYTHING within hours.

Transformation doesn’t have to take a lifetime. It can happen overnight if you have the right tools and resources. That’s exactly where this event comes in.

Inside Regulate you’ll learn:

  • DAY 1 Understanding Your Human: In our first day together, you will start to understand why life seems so hard and why it keeps getting harder. SPOILER: Life shouldn’t get harder with time. In fact, it should be getting easier and better as we get older. Let’s learn what’s really going on here and what the key is to shift this. It’s time for life to get good… like, really good!
  • DAY 2 Understanding Your Body & Emotions: We learn a lot in school… but how much do you learn about your the things we need to be happy and successful as humans. No wonder so few of us are successful and even fewer are happy. There is crucial information about how WE work as humans and how LIFE works with us that everyone needs to know. When you don’t know this information, life seems chaotic, random, and frustrating. When you do know this, life seems easy, controllable, and magical… and we want you to feel magical.
  • DAY 3 Understanding Where We Are Going and What Needs to Happen to Get There: Our goals as humans have changed, which means how we are as humans needs to shift as well. Learn all the things needed to take your life and your human to the next level and finally have life working for you!


And to make this offer even sweeter, in addition to getting this training for free, anyone who attends the event will also get access to a brand new regulation practice as your prep-work valued at $97 (BUT, you need to attend to get this free access). This will feel like magic for your nervous system.

You Are MagicWe all are!

Most of us don’t know how to access the magical part of our being because our internal system is so congested that our inner power feels inaccessible. But let’s be honest… you know it’s there dying to get out!

We have shifted as humans. We have evolved, and in order for us to go where we want to go, to this world that is kinder, easier, better, in order for us all to feel better, you are going to need to do things differently.

And that’s what we are going to break down for you in REGULATE.


The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Your Future Self

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