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If you are ready for 2024 to be YOUR year financially, then you need to join us.

Financially Free is The #1 Financial Literacy Crash Course that teaches you everything you don’t know about money.

Does this sound familiar to you?…

  • After just making a purchase (literally any purchase) you are overcome with a feeling of regret, realizing you once again bought something you couldn’t afford….
  • ​​​Or maybe after restricting your spending, you get to the end of the month and are still left wondering “why am I not getting ahead”
  • Ever wonder why it doesn’t matter how much you ‘save’ you never feel like you are getting ahead?
  • Or maybe you are getting ahead a little bit but it’s so slow that you are just watching your life pass you by while trying to save or get out of debt?


Believe it or not, you don’t have to stop spending money… you need to change your RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY.

That’s where I come in.

Introducing Financially Free: 5 Days To True Financial Health

Most people want to feel free when it comes to their money…

But very few feel financially free.

It’s not that you are innately BAD with money… it’s that no one has taught you the secret in’s and out’s of financial literacy.

I mean, how can you be bad at something you don’t know? Are you bad at Organic Chemistry? No, you just haven’t learned it yet!

It’s time for you to learn the in’s and out’s of money and take your financial freedom back.

Learn things like:

  • How money actually works
  • Why you can make more but still spend the same amount
  • Why it seems like no matter how hard you try you keep repeating the same cycles
  • Why money feels complicated and why the most basic commodity has professional ‘experts’ that you need to make more of it for you


The world makes you feel this way to keep you confused, controlled and easily manipulated (sorry, not sorry because we are going to shake things up in Financially Free).

THE REAL TRUTH: Money is actually easy if you understand it and have power around it.

Join Now For Only $7

It’s time the 99% knew what the 1% have always known.

For most of history less than 1% of people have held the majority of the money.

It’s time to change that.

This change won’t happen through redistribution of wealth or helping educate people on how to make more money (because that’s what has been happening and the financial gap just keeps getting bigger and bigger).

It starts with understanding the secrets to financial literacy that very few people know.

And here is the thing… Financial literacy isn’t just about how you make money, save money, and move money.

It’s also about your relationships with money, how you feel about it, and what feels safe to you.

Most of what you actually feel and think about money isn’t even conscious to you – it’s why you WANT your money story to change, yet you continue to ACT in opposition to it.

It’s time to change that and take your power back around your finances in only 5 days!

Financially Free is for you if:

  • You want to have absolute power over money.
  • You want your money to work for you (and not you working for it).
  • You want to create a new financial blueprint that allows you to feel safe, secure and literate when it comes to your finances.
  • You want to stop avoiding financial conversations and feel strong and in charge of your money.
  • You are ready to stop thinking about your finances and make decisions without having to worry about the dollars and cent (yes, I mean SPLURGE whenever your heart desires)

No more avoidance and no more unknowing. It’s time to feel GOOD when it comes to money.

It is possible, but most people don’t teach the right steps.

This is NOT:

  • This is NOT some Dave Ramsey class where we are going to make you limit your spending and watch your every penny.
  • This is NOT some strategy teaching you how to stop spending on lattes every day (queue the eye roll to this advice).
  • This is NOT about complicated financial modeling or annoying finance terms.


This is about understanding the basics of money in your mind, your body, your soul, your life and how that correlates with your spending habits and how easy money can be in your life.

What’s Included

  • LIVE ACCESS to live daily training & Q&A sessions ($197 VALUE)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the replays and all course content & materials ($297 VALUE)

  • A COMPREHENSIVE WORKBOOK to stay fully engaged and take notes on the actions you want to implement quickly ($97 VALUE)

  • [BONUS #1] Wealth Activation Meditation: This is one of our most highly regarded meditation that works to connect your internal systems with the external world of money ($97 VALUE)

  • [BONUS #2] Magic Money Energy Shifter: Listen to this on your drive, in the shower, during your workout to shift your relationship with money easily ($97 VALUE)

Total Value $785
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Learn How For Only $7

HI! I’m Sara…

and for nearly a decade I have been teaching humans all the things they don’t know about money!

There is a reason why money feels like such a mystery… because it is (and it’s like that way by design).

Think about it… the world teaches you lots of things – math, science, reading and writing, but unfortunately leaves out important things that lead to happiness and success.

One of the biggest black holes is around financial literacy.

Unless you were raised in an environment where money was understood and it was taught to you, you likely have felt like you are always behind when it comes to your finances.

I’ve been put on this earth to change all of that! I invite you to join us and learn what 9.999% of the population doesn’t know about money!


This isn’t some abundance of energy course that is just going to tell you to decide you want to be rich and go out and pretend to be, this is so much more.

These are the energetic, emotional and physical basics of currency that 99% of the world was never taught. These are the things the rich and the wealthy are doing but not sharing. These are the hacks, tricks and tips that have been known for generations by the 1% that haven’t been taught anywhere else.

This is the alphabet of money, the basic building blocks you were never taught that make all the difference when it comes to creating wealth, keeping wealth, and feeling GOOD when it comes to your finances.

And we are going to cover it all in only 5 days (and for only $7)


The first day is all about understanding the truth about money. In this lesson, you will learn what the 1% knows that makes finances 10x easier to understand and manipulate. You MUST understand this to create long-term (and short term) financial success.


If the past informs the present, what does that mean for your financial future? In this lesson, we are going to walk through your history with money and how it’s holding you back.

CONTROL FREAK (in all the right ways)

In this lesson, you will learn how to take back control…. But in the ‘right’ way. Control isn’t about scrimping and saving, nor is it about restriction. You will learn the right things to control to maximize your financial future.


Ever notice how tedious building a budget is and how restrictive it feels? In this module, we are going to blow everything you know about ‘budgeting’ out of the water. I am going to teach you how to build a budget without limiting your spending (wait, what???). In this module, you will understand your money more deeply and feel more empowered around money, finally gaining control. You will walk away with a blueprint that will help you expand and grow!


In our final lesson, we will tie everything together so you can start making money your way… in a way that almost feels like MAGIC.

The Best Investment You Can Make Is Into Your Financial Literacy