The Missing Pieces To Creating Your Reality

After years of trial and error, and putting my unique background of science and energy practices together, I created a fool-proof formula to create your own reality (for real).

The things no one is talking about that make all the difference in getting what you want to happen in your life. Come learn them for free with Hey U Human.

There are missing pieces that you need to finally crack the code on creating your own reality! And I am giving it all away for free!

In this LIFE-CHANGING training, I will reveal the 3 missing pieces preventing you from creating the life of your dreams.

YES! I want the missing pieces!


All The “Gurus” Say The Same Thing…

Create your own reality “they” say.

Your thoughts become your reality “they” say.

Yet in my own life, I found this not to be the case.

Book after book, course after course, affirmation after affirmation, meditation after meditation…

I did all the things that “they” said I should. Yet, I still found myself stressed out and dealing with a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t want.

Until I figured out what was missing from the equation.

In 1 hour, I will break down the 3 missing pieces that no one talks about that are holding you back from creating the life of your dreams!

You won’t find this in books. You won’t find this online. You won’t find it anywhere… except right here!

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The gurus aren’t wrong when they say these things…

It’s just most of us require a few more steps and some different techniques when it comes to creating the life we want.

And I am going to share those missing pieces in this powerful free event.

How To Influence Your Non-Conscious Creation

About 2% of what we create is based on our conscious creation (the things that all “they” say to do is based on conscious creation). That means that the other 98% of our creative abilities are happening on a non-conscious and subliminal level. This creation is happening at our deepest core level – our nervous system and our DNA. It’s why you can focus on ALL THE THINGS, but still create crap you don’t want. Because yes it is YOU creating it. SECRET #1 will break down how you create YOUR own reality in a world with 9 billion others creating their reality and how to pull out of the collective consciousness that is massively influencing your creative abilities.

Bio Hacking Your DNA for Fast Results

This is where the magic happens. We might think our brains are key to the whole create your own reality things and that your thoughts become things… but that’s not actually the case. Your brain only tells your body what to do about 10-20% of the time. The rest of the time your BODY is actually telling your BRAIN what to do and your body is run by your nervous system which is run by your neuropeptides that are run by your DNA. SECRET #2 is going to teach you how to BIO HACK this. We will talk about how to change the expression of your DNA to have complete power over your creation. This is massively definitely different than what anyone else is doing!

The Rapid Relief Technique™ & How It Changes Your Life

This is where we bring it all together and teach you our proprietary technique that gets you more of what you want and relief from all the things you don’t want. SECRET #3 will teach you the technique that will bio-hack your DNA and create rapid success in your life. It is taught nowhere else and will change your life. We are going to break it down for you in full and teach you the ins and outs of how to use it and apply it to your life. This will make you a master manifester every second of the day.

I have had the privilege of transforming thousands of people’s lives

Unlike much of the manifesting and Law of Attraction world, my method is based on science and facts! If you are curious if these secrets work, just check out what some of my amazing clients have to say.

Hey U! I’m Sara!

When I first stumbled upon the concept of creating my own reality it felt so empowering. It felt like I had just learned the secret to life and everything was about to get good.
I felt full, powerful ready to make my dreams come true.

That feeling lasted for a bit, but eventually, it turned into frustration, exhaustion and dissatisfaction. I felt like I knew it was possible, but no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t quite getting there. In some ways, I felt worse than before.

I had moments where it all came together. Where I could feel my power and ability to create, but sure enough it would be followed by a period where I felt lost, confused and like all my old patterns were just slapping me in the face.

I knew I was missing something. I knew that this whole create your own reality was the way. But I also felt like we didn’t have the full story of how to do it…

and honestly, I was right! There was something missing.

Join us, and let us help it all make sense!

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Join me while we break down every step it takes to finally start creating the reality that YOU WANT.

During this training, you will begin to see where you can make shifts to start seeing instant results. Stop sitting in inaction and waste your most beautiful potential!

This is for you if:

  • you KNOW there is MORE for you in life but you are tired of trying to create it and feeling disappointed
  • you are done SETTLING in life and are ready to tap into your inner power in a way that you haven’t been able to figure out (yet)
  • you are done ‘playing small’ and are ready to live your DREAMS and DESIRES
  • you constantly feel like you are HITTING a WALL in life and are ready to jump off the struggle bus
  • you know you have a good life but you are ready to make it great
  • you are over living in the land of mediocrity and are ready to finally tap into your fullest potential
  • you’ve done all the meditations, energy work, affirmations, and modalities out there and are ready to finally see easy magic in your life

Save My Seat

By learning these 3 missing pieces you will be able to create:

  • Relationships that are deep, fulfilling and full of love (kids, friends, parents, spouse, co-workers… they will all be transformed)
  • Freedom and flexibility to be, have and do whatever you want in life
  • Wealth standards beyond your wildest dreams
  • ​A professional career where you are seen, heard and valued (doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or working for someone else)
  • ​A deep sense of self-love and acceptance in a way that you never knew was even possible
  • ​A body that feels good, is strong, healthy and pain-free (imagine a life with no more aches and pains)

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