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Are you ready…

To create the life you desire in the easiest and fastest way possible? Then you landed on the exact right page!

Discover how my signature method — the Rapid Relief Technique™  — will help you create more energy, more time, more connection, and more freedom in every aspect of your life…. and I do mean EVERY aspect of your life.


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Does this sound like you?

  • You believe in the power of creating your own reality and yet you still feel burnt out with the life you are living.
  • You are working hard to create more peace, abundance and joy in your life but it doesn’t seem to just happen with ease as it should.
  • You KNOW you are meant for something great yet you feel like your life is just meh. Nothing wrong with it, but you know it could be so much better!
  • You’ve invested several hours watching motivational speeches and learning new affirmations, trying new self-love tactics and nothing seems to stick long-term.
  • You see other people experiencing amazing transformations in their life, and you still feel like you are ‘figuring it out?’ and nothing ever seems to work for you (or just wears off after a while).


There is a reason for this…. there is one missing piece of the puzzle and I will show you how to find it.

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Chances are…

Chances are, you have already invested a staggering amount of time or money into courses, programs, and coaching for your personal growth, but you are still not where you want to be.

Chances are you have been searching for SOMETHING different, but you aren’t 100% sure what that looks like.

Chances are you are tired of being told that life gets to be EASY when nothing you do gets you there.

I totally get where you are coming from because it wasn’t that long ago, I was the exact same way. I was searching for something that I could FEEL was out there, but I couldn’t SEE it. I felt like the crazy wierdo in the room. I felt tired of searching for something without a map. Once I FINALLY found what I was looking for, I created my signature framework so that no one else needed to feel this restlessness again.


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  • ​Creating a synergy between your soul’s blueprint, your energy & your beliefs so you can truly be you & create what you are meant to create.
  • ​Having the freedom and lifestyle you so badly desire (and totally deserve!)
  • ​Become fully empowered and aligned in who you are and what you are meant to achieve.
  • ​​No more listening to what you SHOULD be doing and forcing activities that you don’t have fun doing.
  • ​Creating a life that is easy, organic, and magnetic.
  • ​​Feeling completely satisfied and fulfilled because your inner soul is free to create the life that you desire.
  • ​Experiencing more freedom, passion & deeper life fulfillment.
  • ​​Being surrounded and supported by powerful and high-achieving people on the same life-changing journey as you.
  • ​​HUGE additional benefits e.g. creating more freedom, living your dream life & spending more time doing the things you love.

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The Happy Human Membership

A 12-month membership that has been systematically designed to help you hack your happiness, create the life of your dreams, and experience more freedom every single day.

  • Tap into your power and learn how to create the lifestyle you so badly desire (and totally deserve!)
  • Remove the need to seek approval from other people! Gain internal confidence, clarity and power through removing the fear of becoming the truest version of yourself.
  • ​Awaken your inner power and gain absolute clarity of your dream life, your dream business, your dream love life, your dream health….or whatever you are craving! Your desires are possible!
  • ​Become fully empowered and aligned in who you are and what you are meant to achieve.
  • ​Create a life that is easy, organic, fun and magnetic!
  • No more feeling like you are striving but never arriving!  ​Experience motivation to achieve the life that you desire. The Happy Human Membership will show you how to take real action that creates magical results.
  • ​Witness immediate transformations in your life that will result in more freedom and happiness in your everyday life (yup, this can actually happen for you – and I will show you how!)​
  • Create the most extraordinary life in the most seemingly ordinary things.
  • ​Experience magic, harmony and ease coming into your life so you can become truly UNSTOPPABLE.


This is exactly what hundreds of humans have achieved through my help

And it’s how YOU can become truly UNSTOPPABLE

The Struggle is not Real

Believe it or not, the struggle in your life is NOT real. It’s created by you every single day (hate to break it to you). That’s why to try as you might, you aren’t able to fully hack the life of your dreams. You see miro-results but not a lasting transformation.

But the good news is that if you bring that struggle to life, you can just as easily take it away.

It really is as simple as that.

While every other Law of Attraction ‘guru’ talks about your conscious thoughts, your mindset, gratitude and energy work, the Happy Human Membership is different because we focus on your non-conscious thoughts and subliminal programming (the things that are responsible for 95% of your creation).

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I believe the power to create this lies completely in you and The Happy Human Membership will show you how to do it!

The Reason It Works

(Like a Charm)

The Happy Human Membership is different than everything out there.
After years of research and refinement, we have merged the science of how the mind and body operate, with the energetic principles of manifestation and conscious creation, to create a super-space that targets your non-conscious thoughts and subliminal coding to finally create your own reality (quickly).

Membership holders see results, fast, because this it’s a tried, tested and true roadmap for success. In order for you to consciously create, you need to know how to hack your non-conscious thoughts and remove your subliminal programming. The Happy Human Membership will walk you through the SCIENCE, the PROPRIETARY METHOD, and give you a FOOL PROOF FRAMEWORK to make your brain and body work together to create your reality.

It’s simple, easy to digest, and will reveal how to hack your subconscious thoughts and create your reality at your deepest level. SPOILER ALERT: this isn’t another sleep meditation, daily hypnosis, or reliance on another ‘specialized’ practitioner.

We’ve implemented a 3-prong approach to ensure you experience the success you desire.

Reason #1 Become A Master Non-Conscious Creator

A science-backed method to help you see results, fast!

Stop wasting your time on your mindset and conscious creation. It’s great and all, but it won’t work if your non-conscious thoughts aren’t in alignment (which they currently are not). Your conscious creation is only the tip of the iceberg. If that worked, you wouldn’t be here right now :).

Inside the Happy Human Membership, you will learn THE SCIENCE behind your conscious and non-conscious thoughts. This isn’t about some woo-woo rituals or spiritual practices. This is you, your biology, and how to become your best friend (instead of your worst enemy).  Knowing this will help you hack the limiting beliefs that are there, that you don’t even know exist. This will make you a MASTER NON-CONSCIOUS CREATOR.

Reason #2 Become A Blank Canvas

Learn the tool to hack your non-conscious limits anytime, anywhere

It’s time you take your work even deeper than ever before.  The Happy Human Membership will walk you show you how to hack your non-conscious blocks and finally break free from the subliminal limits created inside of you. You will learn our PROPRIETARY METHOD — the Rapid Relief Technique™ — and start reprograming your non-conscious thoughts to become a blank canvas. Our proprietary technique will help you reprogram any time, anywhere. No reliance on gurus, no need to slip into a meditative state, and no need ‘focus on the positive.’

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s portable and works like a CHARM. Once you are a blank canvas, your conscious creation has the space to happen FAST (like magic). 

Reason #3 Take The Journey Of A Lifetime

A step-by-step roadmap for success

After working with thousands of humans, we know exactly what you need to address and when. While we are all unique and sovereign beings, we are not that different at our core. The hardest part about healing is that YOU need to know what to heal. What happens if you don’t know what you need? herein lies the reason you haven’t been able to create your own reality.

The Happy Human Membership strategically moves you through all aspects of your non-conscious thoughts and subliminal programming so you can start to shift them into alignment with your conscious creation. This FOOL PROOF FRAMEWORK takes all the guesswork out of your journey. We will guide you exactly where you want to go (and even the places you don’t want to go, because, well…. that’s exactly where you need to go).

The Happy Human Membership

This membership has been specifically designed to get you results in the easiest and fastest way possible! It all begins with our flagship program and then takes you on the journey of a lifetime. This is the human experience you've been craving...PLUS SO MUCH MORE.

Most of us are trying to push self-love on top of the yuck that needs to get out. The Clean Out Phase identifies what’s holding you back and releases it in a systematic way. It allows you to finally, once and for all, LET GO. Not just push it into our bodies and try to ignore it, which is what most of us are doing. These first couple of weeks will result in MASSIVE changes in your life.

You will IMMEDIATELY see transformations. One of them usually being your life magically becomes EASIER (bye-bye mini irritations that you have been dealing with for years). Many people talk of more money magically showing up in their life!

During this Phase of Targeted Transformation, we will specifically target areas of your life and do a deep emotional and energetic cleansing.
Your results will be
DEEP healing in your Body
Better Sleep
Better SEX
Becoming Unapologetically YOU
No more people-pleasing

Getting MORE of what you want – Money, Time and Energy

This will truly be a period of magic.


Now that you have done the deep cleanout, we will work on truly creating the life of our dreams. This final stage in our flagship program (and what will get you ready for the next phase of the membership) is all about connecting you to the universe and completely transforming your life. You have done the work to transform the inside, so now you will watch the magic happen on the outside.

You will learn how to connect deeply with your inner wants, desires, and dreams so that you can create the life you desire on your terms.
You will understand how to look at the world from an energetic perspective and finally connect to your life in a way that makes you feel FREE and SAFE ALL THE TIME.

You will learn how to let in ALL the good and get into a vibration of receiving.

You will learn how to lock this vibration in and what to do when you fall back out.

You will know what you want and what steps to take to create it.

The Happy Human Membership is a full transformational journey designed to bring more freedom and ease into your life in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Once you have completed the flagship program, the world is your oyster!  Now you have the tools and resources to take each aspect of being human even deeper.

As a BONUS, you also get access to our powerful Expansion Resource Library. This is a comprehensive space that has over 25 additional courses and resources to target every aspect of your life. Literally, EVERYTHING is in here.  Relationships, parenting, career, business, body, pleasure, sex, spirituality, religion, money… you name it, we’ve got it.

We have created the perfect roadmap for you to master each area of your life and become truly unstoppable!

With a mix of live energy and ‘consume at your own pace’ content, this is the perfect roadmap to help you experience happiness and magic in every aspect of your life.

Energy & Spirituality

Bring awareness and connection inwards on a much deeper level.

After you have become the blank canvas, you are ready to write your own rules of life! The Happy Human Membership gives you access to several of our robust courses that target your energy, your spirituality, and your belief systems. It’s time to create MAGIC.

Wealth & Financial Sovereignty

Create wealth and financial freedom your way.

Have you heard the classic affirmation: I AM A MONEY MAGNET? Now that you have removed all your subliminal programming around wealth, you are ready to make up your own rules and belief systems around money. Inside the Happy Human Membership, you get access to over 10 jam-packed resources to become a true money magnet (and so much more).

Create a deeper relationship with yourself, your femininity and your significant other(s).

Relationships can bring so much joy, and also so much pain. Once you have completed the flagship program, you are ready to start redefining all the relationships in your life. As a Happy Human Member, you have the opportunity to learn how to re-shift and re-program how you relate to any relationship in your life.

Live in the moment and create a life that gives you enjoyment.

The world has gotten so comfortable feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired that we often feel uncomfortable enjoying the pleasures in life. It’s time to connect with your true desires and live a pleasure-filled life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Live in the moment. Experience true bliss. Be turned on by life. Become a magnet for pleasure. As a Happy Human Member, you will learn how to connect with every aspect of pleasure in your life.

Shift your relationship with your parents, your childhood, and your children.

If you are ready to ditch the old way of parenting and become the MOST AMAZING parent to your children, and break the cycle of ancestral baggage that we have all been carrying, you are ready to do so! As A Happy Human Member, you will have access to parenting courses along with our courses for kids!

Bring awareness and connection inwards on a much deeper level.

The relationship with the human body can be a complex one. From our physical appearance and aches and pains to our bodies being violated and unwanted activities, healing your relationship with our body is something we all need to do. Inside the Happy Human Membership, you will have a plethora of tools and resources to transform how you feel in your own skin.

If you love getting clear on our energy around your business and productivity, this bundle of resources is for you!

If you are an entrepreneur, have corporate ambitions, or are self-employed, this is your premier space to beef up your leadership energy. From growth and expansion to risk tolerance and leadership, the Happy Human Membership is here to support your business energy.

What You’re Getting

  • FLAGSHIP PROGRAM ($997 VALUE): 12-month access to my 16-module transformational program to unlock your inner power and let go of beliefs holding you back. All the resources you need to uplevel your life and heal your soul (videos, workbooks, meditations, recordings).

  • WEEKLY Q&A CALLS ($4,656 VALUE): Your designated time to troubleshoot, brainstorm and address your questions and help overcome any issues you may have.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT ($3,497 VALUE): Be fully supported by rigorously trained practitioners anytime, anywhere. 12-month exclusive members-only group/community where you can ask questions and get support from our RRT Certified practitioners.

  • COMMUNITY ($1,999 VALUE): These are your people! Forge relationships with people who don’t want to hear you complain but can detect patterns and identify opportunities for you to heal and grow. Don’t underestimate the power of a support system.

  • LIVE CLASSES, WORKSHOPS + COMMUNITY EVENTS ($1,997 VALUE): Exclusive access to new classes, workshops, events, or challenges specifically designed to expand your human.

  • DAILY LIVE CALLS ($997 VALUE): Daily live short calls to keep us all connected (replays are always available).

  • [VIP PRICING] Special preferred pricing for 1:1 calls (if desired).

  • [BONUS] EXPANSION RESOURCE LIBRARY ($12,987 VALUE): Once the flagship program is complete, the world is your oyster! You are now ready to create the life of your dreams. Get bonus access to our Expansion Resource Library and enjoy over 25 additional courses to take your learning, integration, and expansion even deeper.

Total Value Over $27,000


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What Our Members Are Saying:

Hello beautiful humans! Sara Longoria here! “Simply put” I am a success mentor and teacher of all things human! How to be happy, how to create the most connected life, how to use energy and spirituality to deepen connection, and how to find your passion and live stress-free. I have worked with thousands of individuals and companies around the world to create true happiness from the inside out. I have spent the last decade researching, testing and creating what makes up pure happiness. By marrying my background in science with energy and emotions, I have cracked the code of how to be truly happy, every single day. I am passionate about teaching people the truth about their human and how to find pure happiness in everyday life.  I created my signature method — Rapid Relief Technique™ — out of a pure desire to address the missing piece of the human experience. This is a groundbreaking system that teaches YOU how to use life in a way to create EXACTLY what you desire in the fastest way possible.


My background is in data and research! I am a science nerd turned happiness guru. I use my background in Biomedical Sciences, Neurophysiology, Energetics, and Corporate Sales to help you break through your upper limit and create unparalleled happiness. Most of my clients see massive leaps in income, spontaneous healing, and lifestyle upgrades in as little as a few weeks. I show you how to make your normal everyday life, extraordinary!


I’m on a mission to teach the world an easier and quicker way to create a life they absolutely love using non-traditional techniques, powerful healing modalities, and proven innovative strategies, and energetic principles coupled with science and DNA.

Everything is possible and easier than you believe….

The Happy Human Membership will show you how!


  • Tap into your power and learn how to create the lifestyle you so badly desire (and totally deserve!)
  • Remove the need to seek approval from other people! Gain internal confidence, clarity and power though removing the fear of becoming the truest version of yourself.
  • ​Awaken your inner power and gain absolute clarity of your dream life, your dream business, your dream love life, your dream health….or whatever you are craving! Your desires are possible!
  • ​Become fully empowered and aligned in who you are and what you are meant to achieve.
  • ​Create a life that is easy, organic, fun and magnetic!
  • No more feeling like you are striving but never arriving!  ​Experience motivation to achieve the life that you desire. The Happy Human Membership will show you how to take real action that creates magical results.
  • ​Witness immediate transformations in your life that will result in more freedom and happiness in your everyday life (yup, this can actually happen for you – and I will show you how!)​
  • Create the most extraordinary life in the most seemingly ordinary things.
  • ​Experience magic, harmony and ease coming into your life so you can become truly UNSTOPPABLE.

My clients have more time and resources than they did in their lives before the Happy Human Membership. Working fewer hours, experiencing more freedom, and having more energy.

After all, what’s life if you are not having fun?!


My method hasn’t only offered me GREAT results, I’ve also helped other humans just like you create the lives that they always thought was possible, but were never sure how to achieve it.

I believe the power to create this lies completely in you… and the Happy Human Membership will show you how to unlock it!

  • If you want to have the power to design the lifestyle you so badly desire and the resources to do it
  • ​If you are ready to let go of the hustle and grind and are ready for a life that is easy and fun
  • If you want MORE time, freedom, flexibility and resources
  • If you feel like you’ve tried so many things and nothing has worked for you
  • If you feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle


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BOTTOM-LINE: The Happy Human Membership has been designed to kickstart your financial freedom, drop you into your power and create the life that you want and that you know you desire!


The missing piece of the puzzle to more energy, more time & more freedom.

FAQ's (We Call Them Frequently Felt Fears)

Making a big shift can create big emotions. Especially fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of losing ourselves…. So, let’s talk about some of the most common Frequently Felt Fears:

I’m scared to ‘go there.’ What if I open this up and I can’t put the emotions back?

Firstly, this is an unfortunate belief that you have been handed. Emotions are not scary. They are a biological and natural part of your body that have been denied for years (and you wonder why the smallest things can trigger you). They are a natural part of who you are and your existence. The Happy Human Membership is here to give you permission to feel and release all things holding you back (and yes, you have a ton of emotions pent up in your body that you aren’t even aware of).

Here’s a quick master tip, emotions are a one way experience. The only way to release emotions is to let them go. Right now, you are holding on to a ton of emotions that are holding you back. Just like you can’t put the same air back into a deflated balloon, our emotions are the same way. Release them and move forward. It really is that easy.

Not ‘going there’ with your emotions is not helping you at all. So, while it might feel scary right now, the Happy Human Membership is here to a) teach you how to feel and release that fear (because that’s an emotion that is designed to hold you back); and b) make feeling your emotions a fun and exciting experience. Believe it or not, when you remove the fear, life is pretty easy.

Avoiding an emotional experience is controlling your life in a negative way. You are living with these hurts even if you don’t want to look at them. Just like that pesky dirt under your refrigerator. Not moving the appliance doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means that you can’t see it.

I had a good upbringing and nothing to complain about. I don’t have anything to heal or any repressed emotions. Do I need this?

Firstly, you do have healing to do and repressed emotions. Unequivocally, every single human does. We have had thousands of people start their journey saying “I have nothing to complain about…” and quickly start to see their stuck emotions.

The world has created a system where ‘healing’ and ‘repressed emotions’ means that something extremely traumatic has happened to us. We have repressed hundreds of emotions in our lifetime, if not more. From the day you were born, you either released emotions, or you ignored them. The majority of people have ignored the bulk of their emotions. Even the little emotions like feeling sad or disappointed that you lost a soccer game but not feeling that because you don’t want to be a ‘poor sport.’ Our emotions have been manipulated our entire lives. We ALL have emotions to heal. If you think you don’t, we’d love for you to prove us wrong in this point.

What we don’t know is how to access and release those old emotions. They are sitting in our subconscious silently running the show. The Happy Human Membership teaches you how to proactively access those core emotions and release them, so they are no longer running the show. This is where true happiness creates space to exist.

What if I change?

You will change…… but isn’t that the point?

How we are existing right now is lifeless. It’s hard. It feels draining and exhausting. It doesn’t feel good. You have a few moments of ‘good’ between a whole bunch of other crap. That’s not the life you deserve. This ratio needs to be flipped. You can’t change your situation without changing yourself. You can try to run or relocate, but your vantage point will always stay inside of you.

But the change isn’t bad. The change is a very holistic change. It’s a deeper understanding and knowledge of who you are, it’s clarity on what makes you tick and what lights you up, it’s an internal degree of confidence and inner peace, it’s a higher regard for yourself.

The change you will experience is organic. You will feel lighter in life, less triggered, more competent + confident and more personally empowered.

The biggest fallacy we see is thinking everything around us needs to change to be happy. No. You need to change on the inside. The Happy Human Membership teaches you how to identify how YOU WANT to change, and not how you HAVE to change.

This is a very different energy.

This is about coming home to you and there is nothing more beautiful than that change.

What if this changes my relationship with people in my life?

Yes, it will change your relationships. But similar to above, that doesn’t mean that this transformation is bad.

To be happy from the inside out allows you to see people in your life for who they are without expectations or disappointments.

Some relationships will get deeper, more connected and more intimate. Other relationships will naturally fall away.

Some old relationships will be resurrected and find new growth and connection. Others will get closure.

It doesn’t mean that these changes will be abrupt or painful. It doesn’t happen overnight. It will be something that feels good to your human.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

Hello fear of failure! Nice to see you again!

This isn’t something that you can fail at (READ THAT AGAIN). This isn’t about achieving, accomplishing or getting right.

This is about giving yourself permission. The second you join, you have given yourself permission to start feeling….

Can it take some people longer than others? ABSOLUTELY. Can one person's journey look different than others? OF COURSE. Can some people see deep emotions faster than others? YES. Can ‘results’ differ from person to person? Yes! WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.

Because guess what…. There is one thing that we all have in common, OUR EMOTIONS.

After watching thousands of people do this work, we can say with absolute confidence that if you do the work and ask the questions, you will see results. Your results might look different than another person, but you will absolutely see results.

The only people that don’t see results are the people who literally don’t show up.

Is this going to be too much to handle?

While this work is very important and very powerful, it’s incredibly simple. The world has made millions of dollars making people confused just so that another enterprise can sell you a solution.

This is easy. This is human. This is your biology. This isn’t super complicated. We will teach you the foundation to start feeling and releasing your emotions.

You are already working very hard at trying to keep it all together. Even if you don’t feel like it’s ‘work’ your body is exerting a lot of energy trying to keep your self contained and in check.

Do yourself a favor, release those emotions. Lend your human a helping hand. Press the easy button on life.

I've done a lot of healing work, do I still need this.

Until you have personally learned how to heal your non-conscious thoughts and subliminal programming, you absolutely need this. Quite frankly, we feal that every human needs this because it teaches you how to releate to your life in a completley new way. Until you have joined the Happy Human Membership, and learned the Rapid Relief Technique™, you are missing some pretty big pieces. This might sound cocky, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Can I cancel my annual membership?

If you purchase an annual membership and you need to take a break, simply email at billing@heyuhuman.com and we can pause your membership for a defined period of time.