Join our LIVE (virtual) healing retreat. April 29 & 30, 2023

Through healing, WE RISE.



Hey U Human's Most Iconic Program is BACK and BETTER than ever.

Over two years ago Hey U HUman launched one of our most iconic courses. Close to 600 people joined us for the first round.

Their lives were transformed.

We never run something that gets such overwhelming feedback and is requested like our HEAL program.

We have done it over and over again.

Thousands transformed, lives changed, and generational pain removed.

This time we are doing it differently.

This time we are making it better than ever.


2 days where we will focus on healing our deepest wounds our most unseen scars and trauma. The stuff that stops us from feeling free, from being ourselves, from knowing our power.

Freedom. Power. Deep self-expression.
Passion in ALL that you do.

Intimacy. Deep Emotional Connection.

A feeling of power in your body, your soul, your sexuality.

A LOVE for yourself,

your life,

your purpose,


You want to be cherished, ravished, adored.

But if you’re being honest with yourself,
thinking of yourself in this way makes you uncomfortable.

It scares you deep inside.

So you hide.
You hide your beauty.
Your soul.
Your spirit.

But to have it all,

A 2-DAY LIVE (virtual) intensive retreat

Heal the deep wounds, the trauma, and the scars of your lifetime…

and the lifetimes before you.



The HEAL Experience


  • Friday April 28, 2023: ICE BREAKER & EVENT ORIENTATION (4:30PM – 6:30PM CDT): Our first live call will set the trust, the relationship, and the foundation for the weekend event. During this call, we are going to break down what you can expect, share some stories, do some preliminary healing, and give you the framework for the weekend. If you can’t attend this live, you will receive a replay (the only replay for the weekend). If you can’t attend live, we recommend that you watch this before the Saturday kick-off.

  • Saturday April 29 & Sunday April 30, 2023: SEX, MONEY, POWER (9:00AM – 3:00PM CDT): 2 full days of immersive and intense healing as a collective. This will be a very intimate and powerful experience, TOGETHER. We will be healing, connecting, sharing, loving and rising. ALways supporting each other. Over the 2 days, you can expect to go experience: Targeted Breathwork healing, Guided RRT Experiences, Intimate RRT Guided Tapping, Group Sharing, Meditating and journaling. Hey U Human will guide you through a systematic process of trauma identification, healing, and anchoring into your new desires and standards.

  • EVENT LOGISTICS:  While this is a virtual event held via zoom, we HIGHLY suggest that you treat this like an in-person retreat. Clear your schedule, arrange for child care, let the people in your life know you are unavailable, go somewhere private where you can emote freely, etc. This is YOUR time. Make this your #1 priority. Be present and committed to releasing. Do not try to multitask during this timeframe. You will be given ample lunch, snacks, bathroom and body breaks. Please note there will be NO replays for Saturday and Sunday (unless you choose to do the VIP Upgrade).

  • VIP UPGRADE +$99 [LIMITED QUANTITIES]: As a VIP you will get access to the event replays (please still plan to attend live and don’t use this to ‘space out’ your healing experience) with 2 additional private group calls following the event.  The replays will be sent out after the full event has been completed. These group calls will help you share and move through life after the HEAL event. They will be held for continued support 4 and 8 weeks after the event. If you can’t attend the group calls live, you will be able to submit questions in advance and get access to the replays.

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VIP Upgrade Also Available for +$99 (limited space available)

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Your body has been wounded.
Your heart has been scarred.

People–MEN have hurt you.

Maybe they’ve hurt you horribly.
Taken from you, lied to you, ruined you.

Maybe it has been just a little bit.

Just a glance.

A whistle that felt like a violation.

A comment or a slap on the butt
that made your blood boil.
Or maybe it’s much deeper.

Rape. Molestation.
Cheating. Abuse.

No matter how big or small, there is not a human in this world who has not felt violated.
Who has not felt taken advantage of, lied to, oppressed, & belittled.

There is not one woman in this world who hasn’t been pushed to do something sexually that they didn’t want to do.

The scars are unseen, but they are there.

They keep you from being you.
They keep you from being FULLY EXPRESSED in yourself,
your wealth, your passion,



Sex. Money. Power.
The HEAL Trifecta

Everything changes when you go to these depths. Everything. How you see the world, how you love yourself. How you relate to others, to money, to your health.

Every man and woman on this planet has sexual trauma, has money trauma, has trauma around being powerful.

And it’s time you fully released it so you can LIVE! Live the life you were meant for, have the resources, the love, the expansion you were meant for.

This life is meant to be incredible, fulfilling. We are meant to move through it with excitement, energy. To go after our dreams.

But so many of us stop in our tracks and its because of the deep unknown crap living in us.


Your power, your ability to make money is so related to an energy deep within, your life force energy. One of the greatest blockers of this energy is sexual trauma. Sexual trauma doesn’t mean you were raped or molested, it means you were hurt. It means someone made you feel uncomfortable in your body so you shrunk down and you still are to this day.

So much of what lives in you isnt even yours. It’s your mothers, your grandmothers and beyond. You are tethered from living your life because of a past you don’t even know about.

Its time to clean it all out, its time to feel heal and rise like never before.

There is a reason why....

There is a reason why so much sexual trauma is showing up in the world right now.

We are being asked to HEAL.
We are being asked to RISE.

It’s easy to point fingers.
It’s easy to use the victim card.
To say THEY need to change, that THEY need to stop doing what they’re doing.

But they won’t…

Not until WE as women heal the deep wounds, trauma, & scars of our lifetimes

and the lifetimes before us.