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Catch the replay on the free open forum conversation hosted on December 28. This conversation was all around how to stand out in the coaching industry without exclusivity, manipulation, gaslighting, price gouging, dopamine hijacking, or deceptive marketing (while still being profitable).

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Hi, I’m Sara!

So lovely to meet you (or see you again!)

A few years back I built a multi million dollar coaching company, FAST. I used all the marketing tactics the big wigs use… I mean it worked for them, why not me???

We had a great product and information the world needed and I wanted it out there.

It worked, and it felt AMAZING to finally get our work out into the world and make lot’s of money doing it.

BUT…. something kept feeling off.

About two years ago, after working with several big named coaches, being in masterminds with them and having them as clients, everything began to feel off for me.

About two years ago, I ended my 1:1 contract with a big named business coach. The relationship had felt off to me, and so many things inside the coaching space felt wrong for a while. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was WRONG. And very quickly, I pivoted Sara Longoria Coaching and created Hey U Human.

At the time, this was incredibly scary. I turned off the tap of a multi-million dollar business. But I knew I needed to disconnect myself from the toxicity that I saw in the industry. I could feel something coming.

With the help of my team, we have created a brand-new business model rooted in ethical marketing.

We have done a complete 180 in how we run, grow, and market our business. Through this process, we have learned a lot of lessons the hard way. We don’t want you to do the same. And we want to share these lessons with you!

The coaching, personal development and self-help industry is under fire right now. Several big names have built their business using unethical business practices and at the cost of their client’s finances and well-being. The clients noticing these practices and calling the big names out.

It has now left many amazing entrepreneurs feeling lost and hopeless, questioning how to grow their businesses in a way that feels good.

While so many people are capitalizing on this ‘drama’, we want to unite the people who desire change.

No sales pitch. No gimmicks. No offer.

Just an opportunity to connect, share, learn and create a real difference in the industry.


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Actually, no, let’s create change!

Join the conversation on what you can do in your business today to shift into ethical marketing in the coaching industry (while still remaining profitable).

Sara Longoria and her CEO (Melissa Mellor) are hosting a free open forum on how to stand out in the coaching industry without using exclusivity, manipulation, gaslighting, price gouging, dopamine hijacking, or deceptive marketing.

Key things to discuss (but are liminted to)

  • THE MIND F*CK OF THE INDUSTRY – It’s easy to chalk this up to sleazy marketing and issues with refunds. But there is something much much deeper going on here. It revolves around the subjectiveness of the industry and the unseen bias that we aren’t talking about. If you feel like you have been through a mind f*ck in this industry and still feel like you can’t wrap your head totally around what happened, don’t miss this chat. It took me two years to figure and unravel it. Once I did, things started to finally shift and heal.
  • THE EMOTIONS OF COACHING – If you are like me 2 years ago, and you are waking up to the reality of some of your actions, it’s perfectly normal to feel guilt and embarrassment. It took my team and I a long time to untangle from the coaching industry. And trust me, there were a TON of emotions around this. In this forum we are going to get real honest about EVERYTHING that was felt and discussed behind the scenes, how we overcame them, what actions helped our business and what actions hurt our business (because they were not actually in alignment with the business but instead from trauma).
  • MAKING PEOPLE FEEL SAFE WHILE YOU FEEL PROFITABLE – There is a dance between making money in your business, and profiting off of others. We are going to breakdown the emotions and the ethics around this (and how to overcome it).
  • Q&A – If you have questions, we would LOVE to hear them. This space is all of ours to share, learn, and grow together. When so many people are jumping ship, or writing call out posts, let’s actually make REAL change and lead ourselves (the right way).


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