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Business Building Hacks

3-day intensive to learn all the things you need to know when it comes to building (and scaling) a business.

Building a business can be a lot and we want to make it easier for you.  Join us for three incredible days where we will be pulling back the current on all the insides of building a business, keeping it going, and keeping it strong.

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Are You DONE Being Your Industries Best Kept Secret?…

Do you know you have a gift to offer the world but you can’t quite get the traction you need to grow?

Do you feel the desire to use your intuitive gifts and challenges to transform people’s lives, but you can’t quite seem to crack the code?

Are you a fantastic service provider but really suck at the back-end of your business (you know, the things that actually GROW the business)?

Are you annoyed watching all these “bros” create Facebook ads showing off their Jaguar and expensive lifestyles all to provide crappy products to their consumers…. meanwhile you have something that can ACTUALLY transform a person’s life and create a profound ripple effect.

Here you are with a gift, a desire, and a dedication to your client base, and yet you are struggling to feel like you are actually GROWING the business.  It’s enough to make you want to quit. Yup, I’ve been there! It’s frustrating and so disheartening. But there is something that those ‘bros’ know, that you don’t….

And I am going to share it all in the Business Building Hacks event that I am hosting LIVE!

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Building a business isn’t for the faint of heart

But that doesn’t mean it’s not for you!

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to building a business and guess what… it all works. But then why does it work for some and not for others?

Why do some businesses seem to be an overnight success and others take years to take off?

In these three days, we are going to break it all down for you. We are going to reveal everything you must know about building a business and how to get it working for you!

What you will learn in this free event:

  • DAY 1: Sales, Marketing and Money. This is the bread and butter of your business (and usually the least exciting part). To have a successful business you have to get these three right, and most don’t. On day 1, we will be breaking down our best sales strategies, marketing magic and money tips and tricks. There is a reason why certain businesses succeed quickly and others never do. We will break down the tangible as well as the intangible aspects that are often the most important when it comes to these three things. You need to understand the number one reason stopping people from making sales and why most marketing fails. This is a must if you are at any stage in business.


  • DAY 2: Procrastination Paralysis. Do you ever feel like you KNOW what you need to do, but you just can’t seem to do it (or do it consistently)? It’s time to stop your procrastination dead in its tracks. Day 2 will reveal the true reason behind your procrastination and how to remove it once and for all. Procrastination isn’t what you think it is. There are very clear reasons why we procrastinate. We will be breaking down the reasons and helping you figure out which cause is behind your procrastination and then teaching you how to move past it. Procrastination shouldn’t be part of your business plan, let’s eliminate it for good.


  • DAY 3: Emotional Resilience. Building a business takes fortitude and will bring up a TON of emotions. On Day 3, you will learn our secret weapon to overcome challenges and obstacles faster than ever. Business will always bring interesting situations, learn how to USE these to grow and evolve and come out on top each and every time.

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Hey U! I’m Sara!

I have done a lot when it comes to business.

I have spent a decade in the corporate world handling large accounts, overseeing employees and teams and managing large events.

I have also spent almost a decade building my own business that had its million-dollar year before its third birthday.

I have been through ups and downs and done it all. We have made it through some really interesting things and I have learned A TON.

When it comes down to it there really isn’t a lot to building a successful business.

People think there is, but there isn’t. I have made business building complicated and I have made it easy. Easy is the way to go.

Join us and let me break down all I have learned and share it with you!

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If building a business was easy, and there was a magic formula, everyone would be successful…

This event isn’t about some magic pill that will make you $30K in 30 days! This isn’t a generic ‘strategy’ that has big claims and a big price tag.

This has been systematically designed to give you the soft skills to grow your business with ease. Everything out there works. Everything out there doesn’t work. The trick (that no one tells you until after they took your money) is finding what works for YOU.

So instead of spinning your wheels trying on another strategy, come and learn how to develop the soft skills required to actually grow and scale YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR WAY!

Are you ready to finally find success in your business?

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I have been in the room with some of the most successful people and most of them have confirmed what I already know.  That we make business way more complicated than it needs to be. I am going to share everything I have learned along with all the stuff I have gotten from these behind-closed-door conversations and help make business easier for you.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve seen micro-successes in your business, but are ready to finally scale with ease
  • You’ve never aligned with the word ‘coach’ or solopreneur but are committed to growing and scaling your business (your way)
  • You have done ‘all the things’ that never seem to work the way it was sold to you
  • You are over the icky marketing in the industry and are ready to make a real difference in how you show up for your clients
  • You are tired of surfing through Facebook groups and chasing leads and are ready to have the right people come to you
  • You started as a side hustle (and maybe still are) and are ready to make a serious impact on your industry
  • You’ve declared that 2023 is going to be the year that BIG THINGS HAPPEN
  • You are done being your industry’s kept secret and are ready to make a SPLASH


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