The Problem

  • Outline what’s not working and how some outdated practices are contributing to the decline of our mental health
  • Understanding our genetical predisposition to mental health and happiness
  • Understanding the root cause of the mental health epidemic and where there are gaps in our current treatment and service plans
  • Breaking down the difference between emotion vs. cognitive understanding of healing and how it contributes to mental health awareness and human wellness

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Presenters: Sara Longoria + Melissa Mellor + several breakout sessions

The solution no one knew existed is being revealed.

We are missing a key component when it comes to our understanding of mental health. There is a core component that hasn’t been addressed yet when it comes to mental health and human wellness.

On Day 2, we will share the solution that has the power to resolve not only our mental health epidemic but also all adverse reactions that our body has to stimuli. It doesn’t matter if it’s overwhelm, depression, burnout, and stress – or body aches and pains, digestive issues, annoyances, and poor sleep. This solution is the missing piece to humanity.

Key Topics to address:
  • Introducing the Rapid Relief Technique and why it’s a fundamental tool to heal mental health and human wellness
  • Using the Rapid Relief Technique to fill industry gaps and enhance existing therapies, techniques, and modalities
  • Understanding your body’s visceral response to stimuli and how our current responses are hurting our mental health
  • The silo effect of existing modalities, therapies, and techniques and how the Rapid Relief Technique can amplify and expedite success within business and among employees, individuals, and clients
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