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  • E30: The Banks are Failing

    The Banks Are Failing In this episode, Sara and Melissa break down the money chaos with two banks failing in the same week in the USA, the stress it is causing humanity, and how to stay happy during these crazy times. Referenced Resources: The Truth About Money (free training) The Wealth Code The Happy Human […]

  • Episode 29: Standing Up For Yourself

    0:02: Introduction of the podcast. 2:31: How to stand up for yourself. 5:36: The best thing that’s ever happened to me. 8:10: Standing up for yourself and telling the truth. 10:46: How to stand up for yourself. 13:08: How do you stand up to basic lies? 15:13: Rage is part of who I am.

  • Episode 28 – Being a DIY Project

    In this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about being a D I Y project. 0:02: Intro and welcome. 0:50: Do it yourself. Do it yourself. 2:30: How to ask for help instead of asking. 4:45: This story is really coming from a client. 6:48 Do you understand what you’re looking for? 8:45 […]

  • E27: You Are The Company You Keep

    In this episode, we talk about people in our lives and how they can contribute to our happiness or distract us from it. 2:16 – Why we connect so much through discord and complaining. 3:34 – The people in our lives that don’t want us to change. 5:05 – How to release the people in […]

  • E26: You Are Enough

    In this episode, we chat about how we get lost in this world when we think like we don’t have the answers. 4:23 – People who aren’t qualified to do these things tend to be the ones doing them. 5:58 – Margaret’s resume is an example. 9:54 – The fear of failure is paralyzing. 13:51 […]

  • E25: Unscripted Chat on Healing

    In this episode, we chat openly about healing 1:04 – When we started this podcast, we wanted it to be a glimpse into self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-reflection. 3:36 – The importance of letting go of control. 7:14 – You don’t want to be at a point where your day is scheduled so much so that […]

  • E24: When The Perception Of You Doesn’t Reflect Who You Are

    1:35 – Why do people describe Melissa as aggressive and intimidating? 3:08 – You’re a powerhouse. 4:40 – The conflict between wanting to be seen as intimidating vs. being yourself and wanting people to find me intimidating. 6:09 – What’s the difference between “love yourself” and “acceptance”? 7:31 – The only way to truly love […]

  • Episode 23: Unscripted Chat on Happiness & Expectations

    In this episode, we chat about what happiness really means. 0:41 – Why we don’t know what happiness is. 1:57 – The expectations of all the things you have to do. 3:32 – What happens when inspiration becomes a chore. 6:27 – America’s American Dream cake. 8:24 – Silly Spring Silly String Party. 10:10 – […]

  • Episode 22 – Happiness Through Commercialism

    In this episode, we talk about commercialism’s impact on humanity. 1:36 – We are in the highest point of consumerism in a given year. There is so much marketing and obligation around consuming. 2:58 – We think that we have “active will”. 5:28 – We’re just supposed to stay in our place. 8:18 – It’s […]