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  • Episode 21: Happiness Through Achieving

    In this episode, we talk about the problem of letting achievement dictate our happiness. 0:02 – How often we allow validation to happen outside of our body. 1:53 – It’s not our fault that we’re so focused on being the best. 3:40 – The problem is that in the absence of achievement or accolades, we […]

  • Episode 20: What is feeling?

    In this episode we talk about how people often think they’re feeling their feelings, but they’re really not expressing their feelings. 1:27 – Expressing an emotion is a form of having an emotion, not a way of releasing it. 4:39 – It’s not a logical experience. 7:15 – The emotions that your ancestors did not […]

  • Episode 19: When There’s Not Enough Time To Feel

    In this episode, we talk about what you can do when happiness is completely eluding you. 1:51 – the holiday season is the perfect time to talk about it because we are done with the holidays. 2:52 – We get caught in the sense of obligation to our family and the life we’ve created for […]

  • Episode 18 – Society Has Manufactured Happiness

    In this episode we touch on how society is stealing your happiness by making you believe happiness looks a certain way. 0:02 – How society is stealing your happiness. 2:01 – Happiness isn’t a state of euphoria. 4:37 – Life in places that are considered less than on our American scale. 6:15 – The world […]

  • When intention and action don’t align

    As I have been watching social media lately, I am filled with a TON of emotions. Between coaching industry DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, Twitch Boss suicide, and getting ready for Christmas, there just seems to be A LOT going on. It wasn’t that long ago that all ‘this stuff’ would have my mind spiraling… Spending tons […]

  • Episode 17 – Seeing People for Who They Are

    In this episode, Sara reflects back on this year 2022. 1:33 – When it comes to happiness, one of our biggest obstacles is our constant expectations of what the world should look like. 3:29 – People will always show you who they are if you stop trying to make them who you want them to […]

  • Wendy Murphy

  • Episode 16 – The Butterfly Effect of Happiness

    Today we are talking about the butterfly effect in terms of happiness. And in terms of the emotional work that we talk about in our in our Hey U Human world. 2:00: Most of us are “doggy-paddling”. 3:53: Drilling down to the core of our emotions. 6:28: We don’t understand how to integrate and develop […]