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a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens): a person An infinitely powerful being, free of stress, free of disease and capable of becoming anything it desires

Unlock the cheat codes to life

At Hey U Human, we teach you how to eliminate all the things you don’t want so the things you do want can finally start showing up… almost like magic!

Unlock the cheat codes to life

At Hey U Human, we teach you how to eliminate all the things you don’t want so the things you do want can finally start showing up… almost like magic!

Your life, Your terms

Biohack your health, wealth and happiness!

We help you learn about yourself, how you tick, and how to create success in a way that feels good and doesn’t require sacrifice. This means that you will learn how to create your (seemingly) impossible future free from the constraints of your past.

Sound too good to be true? Great!

At Hey U Human, we believe that if it seems too good to be true, it’s meant for you. We all deserve the very best lives, and achieving it is entirely possible. You deserve to live authentically and fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

And guess what? That isn’t just for the privileged few.

There is a formula behind making that happen for every single human. Hey U Human’s science-backed strategies, techniques, and understandings show you how to do it the easiest and fastest way possible.

This is life, unlocked.


Making the impossible, possible.

We work deep and we work fast.

As humans we dream about the impossible. With Hey U Human, we teach you how to create the impossible.

Hey U Human will show you how to get what you want in life in the fastest and easiest way possible (without having to sacrifice anything to get it). We promise it won’t feel like a grind.

How do we do it?

Well, we know humans! Like, really know humans.

We know the roadblocks, the limits, the out-of-date mental software, the old unhelpful programming… we see it, even if you don’t.

What we do is simple. We teach you what we know. We teach you to see what you can’t and release everything that is holding you back.

We show you how to see what’s in your way to that next-level success, whatever that looks like for you.


Biohack your human potential

Are you ready experience a life-changing transformation? Great! You are in the exact right place!

Break free from the ordinary and create a life that is truly extraordinary. Extraordinary wealth, an extraordinary career, extraordinary relationships, and extraordinary health.

Expand beyond your limits and make the (seemingly) impossible, possible – every single day.



Happy Human Membership

Expand your life from good to great!

This membership has been specifically designed to grow your freedom and create the life you desire in the easiest and fastest way possible! Your one-stop space to grow and expand every aspect of your life.

A life-changing membership to create total transformation.

Become the happiest human in the room…. Become unstoppable!


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The Starter Membership

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The Starter Membership is designed for you to dip your toe in the pool of potential (the Hey U Human potential that is).

For only $7 a month, you will unlock our starter transformational superpack. This is a carefully curated blend of tools and resources designed to kickstart your personal growth journey. A mix of live and self study resources that are designed to bring healing. expansion, community and connection all into one special place.

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Rapid Relief Technique™


Bust through your stress and anxiety once and for all to discover a happier, more powerful you. Side effects may include joy, euphoria, better relationships and a sense of purpose…oh, and very often money! Learn more about this powerful method (ohh, and even learn it for free).

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Our certification is different (and by different, we mean better!). It’s not coaching. It’s not therapy. It’s not personal development. It is SO. MUCH. MORE! Check out our certification programs for both personal and professional use.

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Want to create a partnership that improves your impact, your vision, your bottom line and everyone that your company touches? Come learn more about how to partner with Hey U Human to create true impact.

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The Happy Human Podcast

E56: The Untold Story of Marketing

The Untold Story of Marketing As business owners, we have a responsibly to do good in this world. In this episode, Melissa and Sara discuss integrity in business and how Hey U Human does business differently.  Resources Referenced: The Happy Human Membership Sara's Facebook Post
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Our Story

Once upon a time …

Hey U Human founder Sara Longoria went through life checking off all the boxes, but found herself asking… Is this it??

Her search for an answer led to her on a deep dive into understanding how she (and hUmans in general) can REALLY operate in the world.

Combining her background in science with her knowledge of energy, anatomy and her own life experience, Sara discovered a new method of healing trauma, getting relief from all the things we don’t want in life, and became a master at being a truly happy human.

She realized she didn’t need to settle and that humanity was missing some pieces to the puzzle we call life. This led her to create Hey U Human in order to help people stop settling, start living, and to show humanity what being human is all about — connection, love, fun, happiness, and each other.

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